Food for thought: Food as medicine

This is men’s health week (June 12th – June 16th) and indeed this month is men’s health month. Over the last 35+ years, even though the rates and absolute numbers have reduced somewhat, heart disease has remained the leading cause of death for men.

Kim Williams, Cardiologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and President of the American College of Cardiologists in 2015 talks about the role that a plant based diet can play in reducing cardiovascular risk. Note that he doesn’t insist that you completely stop eating red meat (although that’s something that he himself has done) but that you adopt a more judicious and thoughtful approach to it. Read his full interview with The University of Chicago magazine here. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor this June – take a look at your diet, exercise, alcohol and other lifestyle choices and think about how it might impact your goals.




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